The Centre for Applied Theology hosts The Once and Future Parish Conference.

An ecumenical conference on the role of the parish in Christian ministry, yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

The conference seeks to explore whether or not the parish, as it is traditionally understood among the episcopally-ordered Churches, remains fit-for-purpose.

Conference Topics

Daveth Frost will set the tone for the whole conference by calling to mind the place of the parish in literature and culture in a talk on ‘the poetry of the parish’.

Tom O’Loughlin will then situate the discussion in historical context by exploring ‘the Parish as a feature of the historic Christian landscape’.

Jane Williams will discuss ‘contemporary horizons of Christian ministry’, drawing our attention to emerging approaches to ministry.

Alison Milbank is going to address the question of ‘Parish value in the modern marketplace’ by reflecting on the ongoing value of the parish.

Andreas Andreopoulos, finally, will take up the question of what happens in the wake of ‘translation of the parish across borders and cultures'.