This November there are two days for Catholics to rediscover singing the Scriptures at Mass.

These days can help your parish to mark The Year of the Word: the God Who Speaks, which has the vision to create ‘renewed encounters with Christ through the Scriptures’. The Year of the Word has three themes:

·       Celebrating God’s Word

·       Living God’s Word

·       Sharing God’s Word

To help us celebrate God’s Word, these Word & Liturgy days will revisit the antiphons we hear at Mass (Entrance, Offertory and Communion) and offer an approach to praying and singing Psalms within the ancient tradition of the Church.

A beautifully produced book, the Graduale Parvum (or short Gradual), will provide the material for these chants. By celebrating God’s Word, we can become empowered to better live out and share that Word with others!

Each of the days will end with the first Mass of the Sunday at which the antiphons practiced during the sessions will be sung.

The Graduale Parvum (GP) can be purchased at these events.

For more information, please contact Fr Guy: [email protected]



Leaders: Fr Guy Nicholls and Fr Bruce Burbidge

·       11.30 a.m. Welcome -  Intro to the GP

·       12.30 p.m. Intro to the GP chants of Advent and Christmas

·       1.30 Lunch break (soup and hot drinks provided, and a light buffet. Donations welcome)

·       2.30 p.m. Rehearsal of chants for tonight's Mass of Christ the King

·       3.45 p.m. break before Mass

·       4 p.m. First Mass of Christ the King (sung with missal and GP chants)