This is a non-diocesan event by the Carmelites.

The Centre for Applied Carmelite Spirituality (CACS) at the Carmelite Priory, Boars Hill, Oxford engages top academics, experts, authors and practitioners in the field of Carmelite spirituality for the Spiritual Enrichment Lecture Series (SELS). Participants will hear keynote speakers who will explore the practice of contemplative prayer and spiritual guidance in the Carmelite tradition.

These talks will be particularly suited to those who wish to know more about contemplative prayer or to deepen their experience of it. They will also be of great relevance to anyone whose ministry involves accompanying others in prayer and spiritual direction.   

The Contemplative School of Mary - Fr Denis Chardonnens, OCD

Mary, the Mother of Jesus, is one figure in biblical history and in Christian memory who is revered as a model of the contemplative. In Carmelite spirituality, she is the archetypal figure who engaging with the Word of God and docile to the Holy Spirit allows God to transform her in divine blessedness and beauty (cf. Luke 1:49). This theme will explore the figure of Mary as ‘Blessed and Beautiful’ whose life can be a model for those who seek a deeper relationship with Christ through praying in the spirit of Carmel.  

Registration from 09:30 
Lecture 10:00         
Fee: £30 (including refreshments)