Set Free Summit: the Christian Heritage Centre and ICPE Mission offer a set of six, online sessions to young adults on relationships and sexuality based on John Paul II’s teaching.

Featuring speakers from across the globe, each session will provide the opportunity to share and ask questions.

At 4pm on Sundays from 7 February to 14 March.

Kendra Von Esh - 28 February - No Sex, No Kidding

Kendra Von Esh was a Corporate Executive who thought she had it all—money, prestige, power and bought into the “me” culture. She devoured all the pleasures this world had to offer but nothing satisfied her desire to “Find Something More” and her life filled with stress, anxiety and never being good enough continued as the norm.  She bought into the lie that life was not supposed to be peaceful and loving … that it was stressful and difficult so party hard because life is short.