From Divine Renovation:

We have a special event on Monday 25 January with Catholic Christian Outreach founder, Andre Regnier, to explore what it looks like when evangelisation leads to conversion.

We are very excited about this upcoming online gathering for parishes. The word “evangelisation” is much more commonplace in the Church than in the past. But the meaning behind it and the steps towards the goal of evangelisation can be unclear and ambiguous. How can our parish move forward in our evangelisation efforts if the destination isn’t clear?

Join us on the Feast of the Conversion of Saint Paul, as André Regnier, Co-Founder of Catholic Christian Outreach, unpacks the indispensability of conversion in the evangelisation process. You’ll walk away from this session with greater clarity and conviction around your parish’s focus on the primacy of evangelisation.

Monday 25 January
6 - 7pm GMT