You are!

All the baptised are called by God to share in the mission and ministry of Christ by fully engaging with their parishes and local communities.

However, many people hesitate in getting involved because they feel they are not worthy, or not knowledgeable about their faith, or have little to offer.

Maryvale offers the Certificate in Parish Mission and Ministry (CPMM) course for all those interested in formation for collaborative ministry in parishes to inspire and empower as you

• acquire an understanding of Church teaching on the mission of the Church
• understand the nature and significance of ministry in the Church, together with the range of skills needed for pastoral service in a variety of settings
• develop an understanding and appreciation of the Church’s spiritual resources, and reflect sensitively upon the significance of prayer for your own development and for those with whom you are working
• gain the knowledge, understanding, qualities and skills needed to be able to collaborate successfully with clergy in building and developing the parish you are part of.

For more information visit the Maryvale Institute or contact [email protected] or phone 0121 360 8118.

A new CPMM group will start at Maryvale on Saturday 26th October 2019 – join us!

“You may be the only gospel another person reads.”