To celebrate the launch of the Revised New Jerusalem Bible in 2019, DLT commissioned a series of study guides based on the new translation by Catholic writers Frank Cottrell-Boyce, Virginia Moffatt, Bernadette Meaden and Denise Cottrell-Boyce.

In this series of conversations, the authors reflect on what the Bible means to them and how it can help them understand the themes discussed in the guides. Join us on Wednesday evenings in January and reflect with us, the meaning behind 'God's love letter' to us.

January 27th: Welcoming the Stranger. What does it mean to be a stranger in a strange land? Why do we fear refugees? What limits are there to welcoming the stranger and how might we overcome them? Virginia Moffatt (series editor) talks to writer Denise Cottrell-Boyce about her understanding of this topic drawn from Bible reflections and her experiences volunteering with refugees.