It is believed that the first Easter Monday Men’s Mass took place in St. Chad’s Cathedral, in Birmingham in 1919. It was requested by the men of the city in order that their family members, school companions, workmates and friends who had died during the First World War could be remembered in prayer.

The tradition, once begun, survived a Second World War, and thereafter it was inspiring to see fathers bringing their sons, who in turn brought their own sons and it was not unusual to see three generations of a single family kneeling together.

It is noteworthy that successive Archbishops have given blessing and support to the Men’s Mass, and in recent years there has always been an Episcopal presence and participation. We are grateful to Archbishop Longley for continuing this tradition.

For many years the Mass was organised by the Catholic Men’s Society and though most of the city parishes no longer have an active Branch, a small group of the Society members continue to co-ordinate the arrangements with the generous and kind support of the Archbishop’s Secretary.

This year, men from other Catholic groups and associations have been encouraged to join in the work and together we go into the future, determined to remember all those who have gone before us; and equally determined to demonstrate our belief in the Catholic Doctrine of the Holy Eucharist.