St Mary & St Hardulph, Breedon on the Hill, one of the most significant medieval churches in the Midlands, with a rare collection of Saxon carvings, dating from 8th -10th centuries.

Mount St Bernard’s Abbey, the first post-Reformation English abbey to be built, was founded in 1835 on land provided by Ambrose de Lisle.

It was designed by Pugin, and supported by the Earl of Shrewsbury.

The abbey has recently established its own brewery!

Discovery Days will offer an opportunity to discover somewhere different and interesting, have a bite to eat, and enjoy the company of fellow priests.

We plan to visit two nearby places of interest, with a stop for lunch in between, and to offer a variety of locations throughout the year.

Judith Champ, from St Mary’s College, Oscott, will plan and lead the days.

There will be no organised transport or fixed departure points; details of the programme will be distributed in advance, and you are invited to make your own transport arrangements, perhaps sharing a car with other priests from your neighbourhood.

Contact [email protected]g / 0121 230 6273