A day of celebration and history organised collaboratively by St Chad’s Cathedral and the Archdiocese of Birmingham History and Archives Commission.

12:00pm Mass, open to all, including the Rite of the Dedication of the Altar.

The historical event, for which advance booking is required, will begin after Mass with light refreshments, and an opportunity to visit a special historical exhibition in the Archives of the Archdiocese of Birmingham.


Dr John Jenkins from University of York, will explore what is known about St Chad and his significance in Anglo-Saxon Christianity, how devotion to him emerged, and how it has changed since the seventh century

Dr Judith Champ, Archdiocese of Birmingham, will shed light on why and how St Chad’s Cathedral came to be built, in the context of early 19th century Birmingham


Tickets for the afternoon lectures and refreshments are £15.00. These need to be booked via the link below or please speak to Cathedral staff.