A very warm Welcome to the 31st Birmingham Catholic Charismatic Renewal Conference! Thank you for your continual support, prayer and presence, the Conference would not be the same without you! If you are a seasoned member of the Conference, if you have come for the last few years, if this is your first Conference, know that you are warmly welcomed.

The Conference lasts for five days:

  • Receive the Eucharist every day
  • Praise and Worship twice a day
  • Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament
  • Prayer Ministry every day
  • Healing Ministry after every Mass
  • UK and International Speakers
  • Youth Ministry
  • Children's Ministry
  • Fellowship


Fr. Pat Collins is a member of the Vincentian Congregation based in Dublin. Ordained in 1971 he has studied in Ireland, England and the USA.

Fr. Pat has published hundreds of articles and 21 books the latest of which is entitled, Guided by God: Ordinary and Charismatic ways of Discovering God's Will. He is committed to Charismatic Renewal and is in demand as a speaker both nationally and internationally, having spoken in 26 countries.

He is a co-founder of a covenant community. The New Springtime – dedicated to evangelising and the training of evangelists. 

Jonathan Allen  Messianic Rabbi along with his wife, Belinda, lead Messianic Education Trust, which is an educational ministry based in England.

It is a part of the Tikkun family of ministries, serving the Messianic Jewish community in Israel, Cyprus and the USA, as well as former republics of the Soviet block. Jonathan teaches biblical Hebrew and many other things covering a wide range of subjects from biblical criticism to the gospels.

Jonathan and Belinda have been the UK emissaries of Tikkun International since 2003. Tikkun International is a Messianic Jewish family of ministries with their corporate headquarters in Jerusalem, Israel. Tikkun facilitates a network of Messianic Jewish congregations in the United States of America as well as a network of congregations and ministries in Israel.

Begoña Ruiz Pereda has worked for over 15 years in the "Fundación Desarrollo y Persona" (Foundation for Development and the Person), teaching on sexuality and affectivity in most of the dioceses in Spain and several countries in Latin America. 

She has a degree in Religious Studies from the Universidad Pontificia de Comillas and a MA from the John Paul II Institute. 

Among other publications, she is co-author with Bishop Munilla of San Sebastian of the book Sexo con alma y cuerpo ("Sex with body and soul"). She has participated in the educational projecdt aprendamos a amar ("Let´s learn how to love") which is a course for teenagers, and has helped many families with small children who did not identify with their biological sex.