Royal Mail Christmas Stamps Competition

Arwen Wilson, designer of the 2nd Class stamp, said, ‘When I went to Clarence House it was very exciting. Prince Charles was very kind when he spoke to me and gave me a framed copy of my stamp design. It was a great day and I am so happy my stamp design won’

In addition, to mark her success, a special postmark will feature on mail delivered to addresses nationwide. Arwen will have her name on the postmark for a week in November with the message: ‘Arwen Wilson – Winner of Royal Mail’s Christmas Stamp Design Competition.’ Arwen’s postmarks featured on mail delivered on 7 November and 14 November.

This is only the fourth time in the Royal Mail’s 500-year history that children have designed Christmas stamps.

As with all Special Stamps issued by Royal Mail, both winning designs were approved by HM The Queen.

Arwen won £1000 and £1000 for the school.
Arwen’s stamp will be on sale from 7 November 2017.

Sharon Mason
St Chad’s Catholic Primary School, Dudley