Bicester Presentation Convent Given New Lease of Life

It was mentioned in September’s Catholic Today that a ‘SOLD’ sign hung on the Convent in Bicester, occupied by the Presentation Sisters since 1953. But this building will not go to developers, as the buyer is the Archdiocese of Birmingham.

The convent will be revamped to provide accommodation for a community of three Ursulines of Mary Immaculate of Piacenza, who should be in place by the end of the year ready to provide ministry and support to the parish of Immaculate Conception in Bicester.

After the reformation, the first religious orders returned to Bicester in 1904 and various orders have served the community ever since.

The Congregation of the “Ursulines of Mary Immaculate of Piacenza” was founded by Blessed Brigida Morello of Jesus in 1649 at Piacenza, in Northern Italy.

The Mission as Ursulines of Mary Immaculate, wherever they are, rooted in the inherited Charism, consists of, participation in the mission of the Church, desirous of establishing God’s Kingdom in human society, through the evangelical witness of their life and through the promotion of God’s justice, peace and love for all people.

Through their ministries we try to identify ourselves with the suffering humanity: the sick, the marginalized, the illiterate, the oppressed and especially with women and children.

Further developments are planned for the convent, which was formerly a hotel, aiming to provide accommodation for other ministers of the faith. We are delighted to retain the building for a similar use, which will continue to serve the parish as it has done for many years.