The Big Sleuth

Following the success of The Big Hoot and The Big Read, Wild in Art and Birmingham Children’s Hospital Charity are once again teaming up to bring an utterly ‘bear-illiant’ sequel to Birmingham during the summer of 2017. The Big Sleuth, so named because sleuth is the collective noun for a group of bears.

Featuring Wild in Art’s newest sculpture, the sun bear, The Big Sleuth will see giant bear sculptures decorated by artists displayed across the city for 10 weeks from next July. Leaving their paw prints all over the city, St Philip’s have their very own bear cub that they have designed and painted as part of The Big Sleuth’s learning program. Each class was given a design sheet to share their ideas and to think of a name for our bear. Combining a few of the names the school council decided a lovely name for our bear would be Neri Nurture Bear as the Saint of our school is St Philip Neri and the word nurture means to care for and protect.

As part of our Big Sleuth project we had a visit form Abbie from Birmingham Children’s Hospital Charity. She delivered an assembly to the whole school informing the children how the Big Sleuth can help the children’s hospital and gave them ideas on how our school could help raise some money. She then met with the school council and they brain stormed some ideas. One being bring your bear to school day which took place of Monday 8 May and each child donated a silver coin. This was a huge success and raised £59.42 The children have lots of other ideas and hope to continue to raise money until September when the bear trail will finish. As a school our target is to raise £500.00 in support of BCHC.

The painting of the bear has now started and each class will put their print on the bear as it is a whole school initiative.

By Leighton Padotan
St Philip’s Catholic Primary School, Smethwick