BT MyDonate & the Archdiocese of Birmingham

Why On-line

On-line giving will become an increasingly important tool to support how parishes fundraise, and in case you were thinking this isn’t for your parish, have a look at these facts:

  • On-line giving has been steadily growing over the last couple of years, up over 13% from 2015 to 2016, this means not only is more money coming in, but more people are donating on a regular basis.
  • 90% of on-line giving comes as a response to online appeals, direct response for support or as an annual contribution (2015)
  • 17% of online giving originated on a mobile device (2016) This is up 8% since 2014



From the beginning of August, the Archdiocese of Birmingham will be moving its internet on-line giving function over to BT MyDonate as the preferred on-line platform for fundraising as we feel this gives Parishes a much better and cheaper mechanism for on-line fundraising and giving.

With this  platform, all donations are paid directly to the Parish and unlike some other giving sites, they don’t charge the Diocese registration or subscription fees, or take any commission on donations – meaning aside from the modest credit and debit card transaction fees, every penny donated will go straight to the Parish.

As a charity, it costs nothing for a parish to register with BT MyDonate. Compare that to Virgin Money Giving who want a one-off fee of £150 + VAT, or JustGiving who cannot pay directly into a parish account.

With no set-up fees, BT MyDonate is therefore a “no brainer”. There is no commission to pay, unlike Virgin Money Giving and JustGiving who take up to 5%, BT MyDonate take nothing.

The Archdiocese have already done some of the pre-approval work for you, so by following the guidelines available from Steve or Laura in the Development team, you should be able to get your own account set up in less than  an hour . Your account on BT MyDonate will be activated and available for use within 24 working Hours of receipt of your completed documents, it’s really very simple.

The great thing about BT MyDonate is the fact all monies will be paid directly into your parish account, and you can even create multiple events / appeals. Each event / appeal will have its own unique identifier, so that the funds can be correctly attributed to the appropriate fund and will still be paid directly to your Parish.

For those parishes who are currently using Just Giving, can we ask that you draw any current campaigns to a close by the end of September, we will then do a final reconciliation and ensure all funds due are paid into parish accounts before we close our account down.


Getting Started

Contact either Laura or myself on the details below, asking for the guidelines on how to set up a MyDonate account, we’ll get these sent out to you.



Please read the guidelines first on how to set up your own account, if you still need any further assistance, contact either Laura or myself on the details below.



Steve Baylis – Head of Development

0121 230 6241


Laura Hines – Senior Trust and Foundations Officer

0121 230 6265


The Bottom Line:

While old fundraising methods are still your bread and butter, online giving is your marmalade. With a whole generation of smart phone carrying, marmalade-o-philes on the rise, it’s important to make sure your using all of the tools available.