More Than 250 Coventry Primary School Children Take Part in Olympic Sport-Style Festival

Primary school children from across Coventry came together at an Olympic-style sports festival to promote values of sportsmanship and respect.

Around 270 children from seven different primary schools competed in the event held at Cardinal Wiseman Catholic School.

It marked the second year of the new annual event, with pupils representing continents and countries that reflected the nationality mix in the schools.

The schools involved form the Romero Catholic Academy, with the Cardinal Wiseman pupils acting as referees.

Sports played on the day included netball, rounders, tag rugby and indoor athletics.

Asia was the winning continent, with India coming out on top in the country rankings, and Africa and Zimbabwe placing second.

Every pupil on the day was awarded with a medal for participation and also a special t-shirt reflecting the Romero Academy values of courage and excellence.

The primary schools competing on the day were Corpus Christi, Good Shepherd, Sacred Heart, St Gregory’s, St John Fisher, St Patrick’s and Ss Peter & Paul Catholic Primary Schools.

Kevin Shakespeare, Principal of Ss Peter & Paul Catholic Primary School, said: “The first year we ran this event it was a brilliant day and we wanted to build on that success with this year’s festival.

“The goal was for the pupils to meet with children from other schools, form friendships, have some fun and promote the key values of sports – sportsmanship and respect.

“When you look at the different countries that we have, a lot of them are represented by the children in each school. We also picked out some of the countries we do work with overseas, like Malawi, and it’s great for the children to be able to represent these nations.

“There of course was a competitive spirit and the children wanted to win, but it was all done in the right way.

“It was a really great day and a fantastic opportunity for all the primary schools to come together under the Romero umbrella of schools.”

Rob Milne