Ongoing Formation

Clergy Ongoing Formation events can be found on the Calendar Page.

The Ongoing Formation Committee has responsibility for formulating plans for the ongoing formation of the diocesan clergy and for the provision of retreat opportunities. The Committee members are:
Rt Rev David McGough (Chair)
Rev Fr Paul McNally (Director)
Rev Fr Paul Chamberlain
Very Rev Mgr Mark Crisp
Rev Fr Stephen Fawcett
Rev Fr Paul Fitzpatrick
Rev Fr John Gilbert
Rev Fr Patrick Mileham
Rev Fr Paul Moss
Rev Fr Martin Pratt
Rev Fr Hugh Sinclair
Mrs Pat Salter (Secretary)

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  • Friday 28 August
    Matthew 25:1-13  •  St Augustine of Hippo (Memorial)  The parable of the Ten Virgins (or the parable of the Ten Bridesmaids as it is sometimes known) is unique to St Matthew’s Gospel. Matthew splits the bridesmaids down the middle – five are wise, five are foolish. The measure of wisdom they have is gauged by […]



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Parish Boundaries

Google Maps of all the parishes in the diocese can be found here.

parish boundaries