Visits St Mary’s Primary School

Date November 24, 2014
Time 14.00
Location Brierley Hill


Date November 24, 2014
Time 19.00
Location St Mary’s, Brierley Hill

Mass for Deceased Members of Walsingham Association

Date November 25, 2014
Time 19.30
Location Sacred Heart, Tunstall

British Methodist/RC Forum

Date November 26, 2014
Location Church House, London

Visits St Patrick’s Primary School

Date November 27, 2014
Time 14.00
Location Walsall


Date November 27, 2014
Time 19.00
Location St Patrick’s, Walsall

Archbishop’s Council Meeting

Date November 28, 2014
Time 09.30
Location Archbishop’s House, Birmingham

Parish Visitation

Date November 29, 2014 until November 30, 2014
Location Bloxwich

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  • Saturday 22 November
    (Memorial) St Cecilia  •  Luke 20:27-40 Is there life after death? What happens when we die? Does death separate us from our loved ones for ever? Is physical death the end of life as we know it or do we pass over to a different kind of life? These are the questions which surely must […]



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Parish Boundaries

Google Maps of all the parishes in the diocese can be found at tinyurl.com/diocesemap

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