Parish Visitation at St Birinus

Date November 28, 2015 until November 29, 2015
Time TBA


Being a Catholic


Community-Building Concert in Birmingham

Talented young performers from Birmingham schools are making special appearances in a community-building concert on 2nd December at the Elgar Hall, at the University of Birmingham, with the backing of the 21-member international touring band Gen Verde.


RSS Daily Reflections

  • Friday 27 November
    Luke 21:29-33 How good are you at interpreting the signs of the times? What are the signs of the times we are living in? We live in a time of blessing and a time of curse, a time of plenty and a time of want, a time of social media and yet a time of […]



Bp Pat McKinney at St Chad’s for Mass of Thanksgiving

L-R Bp William Kenney, Bp Robert Byrne, Bp Pat McKinney, Archbp Bernard Longley, Bp David McGough and Bp Philip Pargeter

Catholic Today

Catholic Today

Parish Boundaries

Google Maps of all the parishes in the diocese can be found here.

parish boundaries