Homes for People with Disabilities


St Andrew’s. Residential home under the care of Father Hudson’s Society, for people with leaming disabilities, 37 Blythe Road, Coleshill B46 iAF. Manager: Mr. A. Everitt.
Tel: 01675 462240.

St Catherine’s. Long stay care for people with multiple disabilities, under the care of Father Hudson’s Society, Coventry Road, Coleshill B463ED.

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  • Wednesday 5 May
    John 15:1-8 Most of us, even if we are not enthusiastic gardeners, understand the need to prune trees and manage our foliage (so to speak). St John is the only Evangelist who uses the analogy of the vine and its branches to draw attention to our call to holiness. Now holiness isn’t really a la […]



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Parish Boundaries

Google Maps of all the parishes in the diocese can be found here.

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