Walsingham Pilgrimage Committee

Patron: Rt Rev Philip Pargeter

Chairman: Rev Fr Julian Booth
St John the Baptist
Main Road
Great Haywood
ST18 0SW
Tel: 01889 881324

Vice-Chairman: Rev Fr Jan Nowotnik
Our Lady and St Brigid
63 Frankley Beeches Road
B31 5AB
Tel: 0121 475 1252

Secretary and Pilgrimage Organiser: Mr Andrew Oldnall
70B Alexandra Road
B5 7NN
Tel: 0121440 8623
Fax: 0121440 6614
Email: [email protected]

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  • Saturday 23 August
    Matthew 23:1-12 The Hebrew for ‘Pharisees’, perusim, means ‘the separated ones’. At the time of Jesus, the Pharisees were an elite group within Israel consisting of approximately 6000 members. They were the religious equivalent of the military storm trooper, maintaining the high ground of religious purity. Without a doubt the Pharisees had their strengths. T



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