Women’s Affairs Committee

Patricia O’Callaghan (Diocesan Link to National Board of Catholic Women – Tel: 0121 420 2863
Jane Byrne (Headteacher)
Gaby Allison (Catholic Women’s League)
Dr Pat Crosby, Peggy Crooke (Union of Catholic Mothers)
Nuala Scarisbrick (LIFE)

Being a Catholic



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  • Saturday 13 February
    Saturday after Ash Wednesday  •  Luke 5:27-32 Two men are talking about the Christian faith. One of them says, ‘I don’t believe in all that mumbo jumbo you believe in, and anyway the Church is full of hypocrites.’ Quick as a flash the other man, a believer, said: ‘That shouldn’t stop you believing, you know […]



Archbishop Longley opening the Holy Door

Catholic Today

Catholic Today

Parish Boundaries

Google Maps of all the parishes in the diocese can be found here.

parish boundaries