Ecumenical Commission

Chairman: Rev Kevin Kavanagh

Secretary: Sister Teresa Burke
St Paul’s Convent
Selly Park
B29 7LL

Tel: 0121 415 6100

Commission Members:

Mrs Ann Bayley, Mr Kevin Down, Miss Janet Wiltshire

Regional Ecumenical Officers:

Birmingham Churches Together
Mr Peter Middleton
Tel: 07766 924074

Black Country Churches Engaged
Mr Patrick Kelly
Tel: 01922 633943

Churches Together in Oxfordshire
Mr Frank Davies
Tel: 01295 720627

Churches Linked Across Staffordshire and the Potteries

Churches Together in Coventry and Warwickshire

Churches Together in Worcestershire

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  • Wednesday 29 July
    Luke 10:38-42  •  St Martha (Memorial) Come on, let’s put our cards on the table and cut to the chase: whom do you identify most with in this Gospel story, Martha or Mary? Are you more a Martha than a Mary, or more a Mary than a Martha? Mary is warmly affirmed by the Lord […]



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Parish Boundaries

Google Maps of all the parishes in the diocese can be found here.

parish boundaries