Metropolitan Chapter

Metropolitan Chapter of Canons

Provost: Rt Rev David McGough, Titular Bishop of Chunavia

Canons: Rt Rev William Kenney, Titular Bishop of Midica, Rt Rev Mgrs Daniel McHugh, Patrick McKinney, John Moran, Very Revv Pat Browne, Gary Byrne,  David Evans, Thomas Farrell,  Gerard Hanlon, Sean Grady, Michael Neylon, Mervyn Tower, Timothy Menezes

Honorary Canons:  Peter Reilly, Sean McTernan, John Carlyle

Canons Emeritus: Rt Rev Philip Pargeter, Very Revv Anthony Allport, Kevin Good, David Goodwin,  John Gunn, Edward Stewart, Peter Taylor, David Cousins, Peter Gilsenan,

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  • Thursday 21 August
    Matthew 22:1-14  •  St Pius X (Memorial) A central theme of today’s parable is the generosity of the king who longs to share his joy over his son’s marriage with all his citizens. This is a rich image of the Father’s longing for all people to share in the eternal joy of the Trinity. The eternal happiness which God desires for his people was illustrated in th



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