Marriage Tribunal

Diocesan Marriage Tribunal

Judicial Vicar: Rev Fr Gerardo Fabrizio, STB, JCL, Dip Iuris
Vice Judicial Vicar: Rev Fr Raymond Corbett, JCL, STB
Assistant: Rev Fr George Grynowski, LLB, Dip LG
Cathedral House
St Chad’s Queensway
B4 6EU

Tel: 0121 236 5535

Contact email addresses:

Frances Paisley: [email protected]
Mary Boylan: [email protected]
Trish Kennedy: [email protected]
Tina Ault : [email protected]

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  • Wednesday 1st April
    Matthew 26:14-25  •  Wednesday of Holy Week Betrayal and deceit are despicable in all human relationships – in truth they are rarely forgiven. In times of war their perpetrators are treated with harsh brutality. For example, in the aftermath of the Second World War, French women who fraternized with the enemy were rounded up, their […]



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