Marriage Tribunal

Diocesan Marriage Tribunal

Judicial Vicar: Rev Fr Gerardo Fabrizio, STB, JCL, Dip Iuris
Vice Judicial Vicar: Rev Fr Raymond Corbett, JCL, STB
Assistant: Rev Fr George Grynowski, LLB, Dip LG
Cathedral House
St Chad’s Queensway
B4 6EU

Tel: 0121 236 5535

Contact email addresses:

Frances Paisley: [email protected]
Mary Boylan: [email protected]
Trish Kennedy: [email protected]
Catherine Cole: [email protected]

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  • Friday 25 July
    Matthew 20:20-28  •  St James (Feast) The Gospel of Matthew records for us an episode in the life of James and his brother John which reveals a human but flawed aspect of their character. Through the intervention of their mother they wish to have a place of honour beside Jesus when he comes into his kingdom. Jesus challenges them: ‘Are you able to drink the



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