Episcopal Vicars for Religious

Rev Fr Stephen Wright
SS Mary & Modwen
Guild street
DE14 1NB
Tel: 01283 563246

Sr Anna O’Connor SP
27 Greenland Road
Selly Park
B29 7PP
Tel: 0121 415 5020

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  • Thursday 17 April
    Holy Thursday  •  John 13:1-15  Menial, lowly tasks offend our dignity: we consider such duties beneath us. Jesus shatters this thinking, assuming the position of a slave. He offers us a lesson in humility, disarming our pretensions. Humble and self-effacing service is the way of our Master. Our flesh rebels at the thought and our minds fight such a notion. […]


Photo copyright Fiona Bonham
Photo copyright Fiona Bonham

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Google Maps of all the parishes in the diocese can be found at tinyurl.com/diocesemap

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