Episcopal Vicars for Religious

Rev Fr Stephen Wright
SS Mary & Modwen
Guild street
DE14 1NB
Tel: 01283 563246

Sr Anna O’Connor SP
27 Greenland Road
Selly Park
B29 7PP
Tel: 0121 415 5020

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Marian Procession 2015

Marian Procession 2015

RSS Daily Reflections

  • Wednesday 27 May
    Mark 10:32-45  •  St Augustine of Canterbury (Feast in England only) Consider for a moment that we’ve got it all wrong. Think, if you will, that the things we value, esteem and cherish are simply dust and straw, and that which is precious, beautiful and eternal we have scorned and ignored. We live in a […]



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Parish Boundaries

Google Maps of all the parishes in the diocese can be found here.

parish boundaries