Episcopal Vicars for Religious

Rev Fr Stephen Wright
SS Mary & Modwen
Guild street
DE14 1NB
Tel: 01283 563246

Sr Anna O’Connor SP
27 Greenland Road
Selly Park
B29 7PP
Tel: 0121 415 5020

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  • Friday 12 February
    Matthew 9:14-15  •  Friday after Ash Wednesday The prophet Ezra declared, ‘I proclaimed a fast there…that we might humble ourselves before our God’ (Ezra 8:21). The true intention of fasting is to humble us, but ironically it can have the opposite effect: it can create a certain arrogance or aloofness. Even John the Baptist’s disciples […]



Archbishop Longley opening the Holy Door

Catholic Today

Catholic Today

Parish Boundaries

Google Maps of all the parishes in the diocese can be found here.

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