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Walk with Me is a prayer and scripture journey for the seasons of Advent, Lent and Easter.The overarching theme of Walk with Me varies from season to season. However each edition is underpinned by the power and grace of the basic gospel message and an opportunity to proclaim the truths of our faith which gives life: the incarnation, the death and resurrection and the power of the Holy Spirit coming at Pentecost.

The beauty about Walk with Me is the size of the booklet (its an ideal fit for a pocket or handbag), the price, costing only £1 (65p if more than 25 ordered) and its approach, it is written in a simple and accessible style.

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WWM Advent 2016 Cal WEB

Walk with Me A4 Calendar, only 25p (minimum order 25 copies). Available for Advent, Lent and Easter. Click here to read more or buy

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Bible Alive International Prison Outreach supports prisoners around the world with Catholic resources which encourages them in their faith. Through the generosity of our donors we send Bible Alive, Bibles, books and other resources to prisoners throughout the world.

Sue Conway, Publishing Co-Ordinator at Alive Publishing the Catholic Publishing Charity, and mother of four, fulfils a life-long aspiration to release a CD of Christmas Carols to warm the heart and lift the spirit.

12 tracks including Christmas favourites; O Holy Night, O Come, O Come, Emmanuel, and Silent Night.

All proceeds will go to the International Prison Outreach charity.

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Saint John Fisher: Bishop and Theologian in Reformation and Controversy by Archbishop Vincent Nichols

Archbishop Nichols: “Studying the life of St John Fisher had a profound and lasting effect on me. He is such an outstanding witness of faithfulness and courage ad was prepared to pay the ultimate price for his faith. His teaching on prayer, on priesthood, his love of the scriptures, his appreciation of the importance of parish life and of service to the poor, speak very clearly to us today.”.


Take & Read: The Acts of The Apostles by Henry Wansbrough

Take and Read: The Gospels’ was welcomed by many thousands of individuals drawn to read and pray the Scriptures. The format is ideal for introducing people to the depth of the text. The presentation of each passage is enriched by excerpts from the Fathers, and the teaching of the Church, and by paintings and photos which lead into deeper reflection and prayer.

‘Take and Read: The Acts of the Apostles‘ invites the reader to consider the early history of the Church and the outreach of the gospel ‘from Jerusalem to Judea to Samaria and to the ends of the earth’. It is the story of the Holy Spirit guiding the Church from the beginning in the work of the gospel, which continues into our own time.



Treasures of Dei Verbum by John M Redford

Dei Verbum (The Word of God) on Divine Revelation was, together with the other Dogmatic Constitution, Lumen Gentium (Light of the Nations) on the Church, the most important document of the Second Vatican Council.

This is an easy-to-follow commentary on Dei Verbum paragraph by paragraph by Canon John Redford, who has lectured and written on the subject of divine revelation to hundreds of future priests and to lay people since a few years after Dei Verbum was promulgated in 1965.



L'Osservatore Romano

Get the Pope’s Newspaper delivered to your home every week!

Reasons to subscribe to L’Osservatore Romano
  • Unique insights and analysis of the latest news about the Church around the world
  • Direct source to all special papal celebrations
  • Only publication with an insider’s view of the Vatican and His Holiness’s messages
  • Complete coverage of papal activities and historic events
  • Immediate access to Papal Statements, Apostolic Letters and Encyclicals
  • First-hand source for what the Holy See says and does
  • Great pastoral development resource and tool
  • Convenient, weekly delivery right to your door
  • Colourful and powerful historic pictures and images
  • There is only ONE L’OSSERVATORE ROMANO, and now it’s available to you
  • Get the complete package – free access to the online version of L’Osservatore Romano



The Death of a Child edited by Peter Stanford

The Death of a Child is a collection of a dozen essays in which parents and siblings tell their own stories of losing a child, brother or sister, and of how they have coped with bereavement and grief.

The essays reflect the different causes of bereavement- illness, accident and malice. And the collection ends with a reflection by the celebrated psychotherapist Dorothy Rowe.



L’OSSERVATORE ROMANO, the newspaper of the Holy See, has prepared a special souvenir magazine dedicated to Karol Wojtyla, who took the name John Paul II during his Pontificate from 1978 to 2005.

The special edition pays homage to an exemplary Christian and one of the great Bishops of Rome, who the Church will formally recognise as a model of holiness during the Beatification ceremony on 1 May, presided at by his Successor, Benedict XVI.

The diverse facets of John Paul II’s personality emerge through his own writings and homilies, as well as through the articles, interviews, testimonies and many rare photographs carefully selected from the archives of L’Osservatore Romano.

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Verbum Domini is the most important document on the word of God since the Second Vatican Council. In it, Pope Benedict XVI, whose writings on Sacred Scripture are widely admired, summarises the reflections of the Synod Fathers who met in 2008 to discuss the ‘word of God in the life and mission of the Church’.Verbum Domini is a must have resource for

  • Parish Priests
  • Deacons
  • Teachers
  • Mass Readers
  • Eucharistic Ministers
  • Bible Study Groups
  • Parishioners who want to learn more about the Bible in the life and mission of the church

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Catholic Today is the newspaper for the Archdiocese of Birmingham. The editor in chief is Archbishop Bernard Longley and it is the primary communication vehicle of this large diocese.

Catholic Today is monthly, 32pp, full colour and tabloid. It offers its 20,000 readers a rich and eclectic mix of feature, articles, columns, profiles, interviews, comment and catechesis.

Catholic Today costs only 50p a copy. It is available also by subscription and delivered directly to your door for £9.99 per year.
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The title Bible Alive captures eloquently our goal, purpose and mission. The Bible is living, active and therefore dynamic and alive (Hebrews 4:12). From the Bible we draw life, strength and power to live the Christian life.

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