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Rev Fr Paul Fitzpatrick
St Mary’s College, Oscott
Chester Road
B73 5AA
Tel: 0121 321 5017

The Johnson Association exists for the support of the Secular Clergy of the Archdiocese who, on account of age, infirmity or sickness, need financial help. The Association depends on the charity of Benefactors. Anyone may become a Benefactor – or make someone else a Benefactor, living or dead, by a donation of £10. Two Masses are offered for each Benefactor and the secular priests of the diocese each offer an annual Mass for all the Association’s Benefactors.

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  • Thursday 17 April
    Holy Thursday  •  John 13:1-15  Menial, lowly tasks offend our dignity: we consider such duties beneath us. Jesus shatters this thinking, assuming the position of a slave. He offers us a lesson in humility, disarming our pretensions. Humble and self-effacing service is the way of our Master. Our flesh rebels at the thought and our minds fight such a notion. […]


Photo copyright Fiona Bonham
Photo copyright Fiona Bonham

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