Leaving a Lasting Gift to your Church: The Importance of Legacy Giving

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For many, leaving a gift within a will is a final opportunity to make a lasting difference to the future of a parish community.

Having a will can secure you in the knowledge that those you care about most, your family and friends will be provided for. It can also be a way to help to protect the values you live by, helping to sustain the work of the Church and continuing the beneficial support that you have experienced during your life, into the future.

Pic 2We at the Archdiocese are aware that many parishioners would like to know more about leaving a gift to the Church in their will, but feel unsure of the process or how to access the correct information. For this reason, a new leaflet has been created in order to aid those who are considering the generous act of leaving a legacy. Copies are currently being sent out to all parishes across the Archdiocese and should be on display in your local church.

Within the leaflet there is an example of potential wording that could be used within a will and some options on potential uses to which you might dedicate your legacy gift; this could include supporting for your local parish, caring for the poor and marginalised or providing for sick and retired priests. Alternatively, you may wish to simply leave your gift to the Archdiocese of Birmingham enabling the Church to put your generous gift to areas of greatest need as opportunities arise. The leaflet also includes a special message from Archbishop Bernard Longley.

Pic 1The Catholic Church depends upon donations from the Catholic community in order to deliver its vital work. Legacies offer a way to enable more people to experience the support and strength of the Catholic faith.

Although on average it takes just 45 minutes to set out a basic will, every year thousands of people die without leaving one. This can often make an already difficult time more challenging for the loved ones who are left behind. It can also mean that a person’s final wishes are not completely followed.

If you already have a will and would like to amend it to include a gift to the Church, this does not necessarily mean having to write a completely new document. For more information, please ask a relevant professional advisor about a writing a codicil (an addition to an existing will).

If you are yet to make a will, please reflect upon it as soon as possible and if you are considering leaving a gift to the Church, keep a look out for a copy of the new leaflet ‘Leaving a Lasting Gift to your Church’ in your local parish. For additional copies or further information, please contact Steve Baylis, Head of Development, by calling 0121 230 6241 or emailing [email protected]

Please note: The Archdiocese of Birmingham cannot give advice on writing a will. It is our recommendation that anyone considering a will seeks professional advice. This should ensure that everything is completed legally, that all scenarios are considered and mistakes are avoided.